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We would rather say it is an expression of our dream than the management of an undertaking.
With our vigorous strides, strong belief in pursuing prominence and our long-standing simple and unadorned attitude, we create a comfortable and romantic"Ying brand living paradise".

Looking into the past, we have made great achievements as glorious as the flaming flowers at the sunrise. Eliminating the unconstrainedness and indulgence of the heroes in the wilderness, tempering us in the atmosphere of coziness of the water place in south of the Yangtze River, persisting in our aim unremittingly, making continuous efforts with our diligence, constructing our world of splendor and color on the vast land, we have infinitely continued the colorful textile industry on this land with green mountains and water and stimulated its development like a raging fire.

Acclaiming our present situation, it is advancing day by day just like the spring water becoming greener by each passing day, we will consolidate our market, adhere to our beliefs and never be arrogant and rampant. We will consolidate our market, adhere to our beliefs and never be arrogant and rampant, we will consider the situation, expand our mental horizon, focus on the spotlight of the market and realize the transformation of our strategies. The sea can hold all the water for its capacity. We will never be content with the existing but will always pursue for the better to make the “Ying brand textile” better and even more well-known and glamorous.

Looking ahead into the future, we will foster the cultural flavor of the Ying brand and manage the brand with professional expertise. We will further consolidate the management system and bravely challenge the high-point of the Ying brand product quality. By doing so we will enable.
The fragrance of the products to fill every corner of the country and the delicate textiles be made well-known abroad.

Now it is just like a competition between thousands of ships striving to be the fastest and best. And we are convinced that the Ying brand will be the best and winner in the end!

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